Stone and candy Megan sunglasses by powder - Cordelia's House of Treasures
Stone and candy Megan sunglasses by powder - Cordelia's House of Treasures

Stone and candy Megan sunglasses by powder

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One of the newest sunglasses addition to this adorable range of Powder UK.

Comes beautifully cased and presented in a gorgeous gift bag. This makes an extra special gift.

We have hats, sarongs and bags to compliment this desirable range of accessories.  These would look great on the ski slopes or in the winter sun

Take a look. You wont be disappointed.  

You know how it is, those mornings when you may have slept in a little later than expected, putting everything together for the day – half a slice of toast hanging from your mouth, trying to organise your diary, not even thinking about making up some lunch! It's for busy days like this that you need to make sure that your bag and your accessories work for you – not the other way around! Luckily, the team at Powder have got you covered! 

Morning School Run

When you’re a parent, it comes as no surprise that all too often – the kids’ needs and demands are first priority. That can be from making sure that they eat a healthy breakfast to making sure they get to school on time. Practical accessories are the way to go – but that doesn’t mean they can’t still be super stylish at the same time!


Ollie and Nic backpack with Powder accessories

In-between the nutritional breakfast bar and pack of wet-wipes, we also manged to sneak in a pair of our sunglasses! We absolutely love the shade of pink on the brim, even more so as it highlights the pink in our Floral Satin Print! It’s these small touches of detail that really help to bring a full look together – even if you are rushed for time and thinking about others before thinking about yourself!

Working Week

Big week at work? Full of meetings and coffee runs? When you’ve got presentations and a mounting inbox on your mind, keeping your mornings as simple and minimal as possible is key! Notebooks and diaries aside, our sunglassesin a cream and taupe mix will be sure to help your style look effortless while walking into the office!

To add a touch of sparkle, we also recommend that you add one of our brooches to your lapel! Our stunning  brooch is sure to let them know who is boss – even if you don’t quite feel like it yourself! 

 Ollie & Nic tote bag with Powder sunglasses and brooch

To complete this chic workwear look, we've opted for Ollie & Nic's Stevie Work Tote. It's the perfect size for carrying all your essentials - from files to fashion accessories! 

Weekend Plans

Ahh, you would think that weekends would be the one time of the week where you don’t have to rush out of the house! For some, maybe – for others, definitely not! There are coffee meetings, and lunches with friends – grocery shopping, and days out with the family! Don’t waste your weekend worrying about what to pack away with you! As long as you’ve got your phone and your keys – those are the essentials!

For a few fun extras though, rather than a plain boring pair of socks that you might be forced to wear during the working week – why not brighten up your feet with a pair of our Posh Llama Ankle Socks? You can never be too sure when a change of pair is needed – so why not bring our Cherry Trainer Socks along with you too?

 Powder accessories and Ollie and Nic handbag perfect for weekends

Some days, you can never tell if it’s going to be brilliantly bright sunshine or depressingly overcast! We recommend you take a pair of our sunglasses with you – come rain or shine, their sparkling, glittery detail will always help to brighten up your day!