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Lip Balm

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This super nourishing lip balm helps to replenish dry and cracked skin, whether on your lips, cuticles, elbows or heels. A real multi-purpose handbag hero.
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Its high levels of antioxidants and collagen help to repair and protect dry or cracked lips.



Rich in vitamin A and unsaturated essential fatty acids, which work together to assist skin cell rejuvenation and repair.



This nourishing butter intensely moisturises lips and promotes a softer, smoother surface.


  1. Apply a small amount onto dry lips as often as required. This ultra-nourishing, multi-purpose balm can be used anywhere to soften dry, rough areas of skin

4.5 star rating 26 Reviews

5 star rating
"Perfect addition to my skincare routine!"
Review by Jenny C. on 28 Feb 2019
Perfect addition to my skincare routine
I have recently changed my skincare collection to Tropic products and I'm so glad I added this little lip balm. It has a lovely delicate scent and keeps my lips hydrated for hours. If I put it on at night just before bed, I can still feel it in the morning. Highly recommend!
5 star rating
Love it
Review by Linda on 26 Feb 2019review stating
"Love it!"
Love all my Tropic products. Lip balm was the first thing I brought . Love love love it this time of the year it stops all those chatted lips. Nothing I have brought I haven’t like . Sun cream for the summer is amazing but Body love is my favourite at the moment. Give it a try x

Product Tested By Charlotte Evans

Charlotte Awarded The Lip Love Balm 4.5/5

Slightly smaller than expected but after first application very happy. Was packed nicely with a lovely compliment slip attached from the company. No instructions required for this product. I would not necessarily look to buy something just because it is natural, although it is more preferred. Being Vegan Friendly not for me personally, but I have family who are vegan who would appreciate this. It is very important to me this item is cruelty free. I feel more confident in using the product knowing it has been made in the UK. It is good to know that is freshly made. A very lovely and handy little product which does ‘what it says on the tin’. Given the ingredients of the product I believe it is good value, although is a little smaller than I would expect for the cost. I would purchase this and I would recommend. A lovely and handy little accessory to carry around. Have been using for a few weeks now and it makes lips feel very soft. Made from natural products so no risk of irritation etc. and no strong smell to it. Overall would recommend this product. Charlotte Evans

Product Reviewed By Lynne Taylor

Lynne Awarded The Lip Love Balm 4.8/5

Arrived in nice neat little pot which was handy to keep in my bag at all times. Very nicely presented and easy to take out with you every day. Do not really need instructions as lip balm so self-explanatory. I do look to purchase natural products so yes this is important to me. I really am not bothered if a product is vegan friendly as this would not make me select this over another product. My main interest is that it is effective. As an animal lover yes very important cruelty free. I much prefer to purchase products made in the UK always have. Not so fussed freshly made just needs to work. The quality is really good, you just need a little to put on your lips daily and it keeps them protected and soft. This sort of item is one I would not be without during the whole of the year. Always need to ensure lips are free from the elements of the weather. I did think this was a bit expensive but the pot is still pretty full and been using a while so for me it is great value for money. Now I have tried this and found out just how effective it is I would purchase more when this one runs out. Already recommended. The ideal lip balm to use whenever you want and wherever you want and keeps your lips lovely and soft all year round. Great product. Lynne Taylor

Product Tested By Eliza Smythe

Eliza Awarded the Lip Love Balm 4.7/5

This comes in a lovely colourful yellow pot. Such a great size which can easily be popped into travel bag or your handbag. Loved the size, so easy to use when you need it. Went on so smoothly and kept my lips feeling cared for and soft. I do like natural products so that would affect my purchasing decision. Does not bother me at all if vegan friendly or not. Yes it matters to me cruelty free and I always look to buy products made in the UK. This was easy to apply, would absorb into my lips easily without leaving any residue. It really did keep them lovely and soft and I loved using this. Quality is superb. I thought the price tag was very high. However, now I have used this product and it has lasted so well and still have some left I do believe good value. I would purchase and already purchased some for my sister. Highly recommend. Such a lovely gentle lip balm which worked wonders. Easy to use and keeps your lips lovely and soft. Loved it.Eliza Smythe



A multipurpose, nourishing, concentrated balm enriched with shea and cocoa butters to replenish dry and cracked skin and leave it feeling soft. WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL? •

This balm is amazing for use on areas other than your lips too; from nails and cuticles to elbows and heels! • This is a handbag hero, providing a mini pot of nourishment on the go. • This balm’s unique vibrant orange colour is derived from beta-carotene, which restores skin suppleness.

HERO INGREDIENTS SOFTENING Shea butter intensely nourishes, creating softer and smoother lips.

REPAIRING Cocoa butter, made from pressing the roasted seeds of the cacao tree, is a rich source of antioxidants and collagen, which helps repair and protect dry or cracked lips. UPLIFTING Sweet orange provides a sweet, fresh and uplifting scent. BOOSTING Beta carotene, a red-orange antioxidant, helps to improve tone and texture and is also what gives this balm its vibrant colour. WHAT ARE THE RESULTS?

• Super-soft lips. • Effective relief from dry or chapped skin HOW TO USE • Apply a small amount to dry lips or areas of skin as required.