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Wild Olive Beauty And Bath Gifts

Wild Olive are a wonderful company based in Derbyshire. With ethics engraved in their foundations it's no surprise to see why they are the choice for the discerning buyer.
They have a wonderful selection of products from bath bombs and melts, body soaps, creams and butters, face skincare products, shower smoothies, seasons specials and so much more.  The attention to detail in every product is there to be seen and the 'cupcake' lookalike bombs are so true to life they should come with a warning.  Add to that the wonderful packaging and it's not hard to see why we love this British brand. 
I almost for got to say, these lovely beauty products are all made here in the UK too. 
Below are a couple of their company values:
  • Kind to you, kind to the environment

Our products are made with you in mind- making them gentle on the skin without any harsh chemicals
going back into our ecosystem.

None of our products contain any Sodium Lauryl Sulphate or Parabens which are pretty nasty chemicals used
in the cosmetic industry.
  • Our products are NEVER tested on animals

All of our range is Vegetarian and is never tested on animals.
  • Sustainable ingredients

We carefully source our high quality ingredients from around the world and only ever use products from sustainable origins.
  • Recycled & Recyclable packaging

Our packaging is always sourced within the UK- usually using local businesses. All of our packaging and materials are either made from recycled materials or are re-cyclable.
  • Minimal energy used in manufacturing

We use very little power to manufacture our beautiful products- as everything is made by hand, we can keep energy use to the bare minimum.
  • Highest possible raw ingredients

We firmly believe that the best products are made from the very best raw ingredients which is why we search the world for the highest quality produce.
  • Value for money

We believe that high quality products that are kind to the environment shouldn’t cost you the earth
 that’s why we keep our prices competitive and our standards high.
  • Family business who train and employ local people

We are proud to be a family run business and employ local people to work with us. We have worked with local authorities on Apprentice schemes and often go out into the community to do talks with WI groups and activities with Brownies and Guides.
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