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Stephanie Davies is an illustrator and designer based in North Yorkshire. She aims to create contemporary, bespoke greetings cards, stationery and prints that you are excited to give and delighted to receive.


She only designs towards the most up and coming trends, only uses the most luxurious eco-friendly stocks, and only uses the most high quality beautiful Swarovski crystals to embellish her products. But what really makes the products unique is Stephanie's passion for illustration, striving to deliver products that make an impact, and driven towards a value for excellence in every detail.


"I love the thought of every gift being that extra bit special, and incorporating a little bit of you into everything I create. For this reason most of my products can include a personalisation or unique touch, helping to create beautiful personal additions to your home."


Her business statement. 

We only design towards the most up and coming trends.

We only use the most luxurious eco-friendly stocks. Our cards are printed onto FSC certified GF Smith paper, our eco-kraft envelopes are made from superior 100% recycled paper and our cello bags are biodegradable.

We only use the best quality embellishments such as recyclable hot foil stamping on our own antique press and Crystals from Swarovski®, of course!

But what really makes our products unique is passion for detail. All designs feature a miniature illustrated drawing and once digitally printed each card is then carefully hand finished.

Striving to deliver the highest quality paper products that make an impact and driven towards a value for excellence in every detail - from initial sketches to beautifully packed orders.


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