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Classic and new designs of stationery for all occasions and uses.  From a single pen for your handbag to a full stationery school set up for the child with a love of sheep we have it.  Our British designers always manage to combine the right amounts of stylish, sweet, funky, cute and adorable all into 1 single product. Our gift cards represent our wonderful countryside with some amazing designs of wildlife and plants aplenty, so we are sure you will find that greeting card that just suits the special receiver. Some people put a lot of emphasis on  greetings cards, so much so they much prefer the personal sentiment that goes into them than any possible gift. With our gift cards, we always ensure that the quality is of the highest calibre. We want these cards to withstand the figures or many years i the back of the sitting room draw waiting to reignite wonderful memories when it is discovered and opened in all its original glory.

If you are treating yourself to a little stationery treat for your handbag or work bag, you will find some great options here. A little A5 notebook and matching pen set to help you organise the world, or a pocket diary to organise the household (and we all still love a real diary).

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