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Cassie Elspeth haematite stone necklace
beautiful haematite necklace
made in wales necklace
Cassie Elspeth designer necklace

Haematite heart necklace, Carrie Elspeth

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This is a lovely delicate necklace and very pretty. "Who can resist the allure of a shiny metallic heart? Available in either purple or royal blue you really can wear your heart on your sleeve (or neck!).  Colour co-ordinated wire makes this a colour led design that will be just perfect for that special gift.".

Magnetic Hematite. The iron content in magnetichematite will cure blood pressure disorders and kidney problems, according to Semi-precious-stone.com. It is said to be effective in healing pain because it maintains the charge of nerve cells. Magnetic hematitewill also regulate the blood flow in the body.

Healing with Hematite

♥ Focus ♥ Concentration ♥ Willpower ♥ Reliability ♥ Courage ♥ Confidence ♥ Optimism ♥ Trust ♥ Balance ♥ Stability ♥ Protection

Hematite grounds and protects us.  It strengthens our connection with the earth, making us feel safe and secure.  It endows us with courage, strength, endurance and vitality.  A "stone for the mind", Hematite stimulates concentration and focus, enhancing memory and original thought.

Hematite utilises the magnetic qualities of our yin-yang energies to balance the meridians within the body and to provide a stable equilibrium between the ethereal nervous system and the physical nervous system.  It focuses energy and emotions for balance between the body, mind and spirit.

Dissolves negativity and prevents you from absorbing the negativity of others.  Haematite is strong, supporting timidity, boosting self-esteem and survivability, enhancing willpower and reliability, and imparting confidence.  It helps to overcome compulsions and addictions, treating overeating, smoking and other forms of overindulgence. 

Haematite restores, strengthens and regulates the blood supply, aiding blood conditions such as anaemia.  It supports the kidneys and regenerates tissue.  Stimulates the absorption of iron and formation of red blood cells.  Treats leg cramps, anxiety and insomnia.  Hematite aids spinal alignment and fractures.

The above references are taken from other resources.  Cordelia's House of Treasures do not support these claims these references are taken for information only.