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Great for easter draw string bag
Cute gift box, lip gloss
Bunny bag tag, little girl , drawstring bag
Little princess knitting doll
Great little knitting doll
Superb knitting doll, complete gift box
Beautifil lined little girl bag

Little girl gift combination

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This is a delightful gift box for a little girl from a company that designed the product in this country.

It contains a high quality bunny gym , beach or swimming bag with a beautiful bunny design. The inner lining is pink with little flowers with a cute " this bag belongs to" sewn in label. Great quality,  waterproof material. This is a great draw string bag with a multitude of uses.

In the box is a little knitting doll which reminds me of my early years. Beautifully packaged . Comes with 6 different coloured threads.

As a lovely finishing touch a cute little lip gloss in the shash of a slice of cake.