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Complete birthday gift. British designed
A lovely compilation of home fragrance
Heart and home candles
Beautiful British gift box with candles
Laura Darrington birthday card
Birthday gift for the diffuser and candle lover Cordelia's House of Treasures

Birthday gift for the diffuser and candle lover

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We have compiled a collection of lovely home fragrance gifts designed and or made in the UK.

We love the quality of Wild olive and Heart and home

Heart and Home are unique in their packaging.  The jars have lovely pictorial stopper lids and even the votives are beautifully boxed. The quality of burn and fragrance will not disappoint either.

The pretty votive candles include caramel cupcakes,  strawberry icecream and twilight. They all smell delicious.  The twilight fragrance has a musky but pleasant smell that you would associate with a evening smell.

A reed diffuser is included.  Cerulean sky which is a delicate fresh smell. It lasts up to 12 weeks and will easily enfuse a medium room on it's own. Just rotate the reeds to refresh the smell. 

There is a lovely small jar with pictorial printed lid called pink blossoms. A delicate,  floral fragrance ideal for the spring.  Made with soy wax to burn cleaner.

Then there are two wax melts. Cerulean sky and soft cotton, both are fresh and delicate. Place them on an electrical burner or candle burner.  You will be surprised how quicklyyour home is enfused with a lovely,  clean fragrance.