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The practice of care packages is not a new one. A new neighbour might be greeted with a welcome pack. A soldier in the World Wars would receive a package of essential items to bring to them the comforts of home to the frontline. There might be a photo from home, family news, an encouraging passage. The possibilities are endless. 

For the sick , a basket of food items . It might have been a simple broth and bread.

Whatever the purpose or reason we want to create that comfort in our boxes.

Life can be wonderful and also  challenging. 

In these boxes we can incorporate your own personal package which incorporates a personal photo, memory, quotation religious or otherwise.

We have put together a collection of boxes which will frame a quote, photo or sentiment.

Boxes with photo frames, hand crafted cards which convey your memories or sentiments. 

Candles, note books, selfcare items, fragrance, planners and cosy socks.

Take a look, offer suggestions,  give us your instruction on what you would like in your box.

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