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Items that can be created by knitting or crochet

I was astounded by the amount of items for the home which can be made with wool

I discovered a whole array of items. Storage, giant poofs , clocks and even wreaths.

Wool gives a warm and cosy feel to your home. Who doesn’t like snuggling under a wool blanket in the winter, when upset or ill?

The giant knit trend has brought knitting back to life. Take this poof, it’s stylish and quick to create.

Handbags were another find. The styling has moved on considerably since the knitted purse you created at school. What better way is there to complete your woollen accessories with a woollen bag?

Mirror frames are another delightful idea to make your home unique and different to the norm.

This children’s stool is just adorable and what a lovely way to furnish a nursery.

Wool is natural and ecologically friendly.

These knitted fossils are also a lovely idea and well suited to that holiday let on the Jurassic coast.

This is ingenious, the knitted clock. What a novel idea.

Gift sacks in giant knit. Ideal for Christmas and better than a plastic bag.

A stylish knitted sit and footstool. Cosy warm.

These crochet fruit are just quirky but a great idea to add an element of fun to a room.

So if you thought knitting was about hats and socks think again. Support your local knitters and crafters to create a homely home. Shop local.

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