Wedding Favor Ideas

I am a big advocate of that phrase " keep it simple stupid "  . Wedding preparations can be fun, memorable but also stressful. 

In my view it should be a happy time and all about the couple and the occasion.  I never bought into the idea of lots of trouble and expense in organising a wedding. To me, if you go overboard you can make the occasion too formal to the point that your guests don't relax.

A momento of the day is a nice idea and I think is worthwhile to give your guests a small token of gratitude for their attendance,  sharing the day and their gifts. This is common courtesy after all.

With so many other things to think about, if you are having the big traditional wedding,  favors should not take up too much of your time, money or effort.

I have completed some on line research and these are some of the ideas I have found.

Above is a lovely idea, seeds in a packet. Not only is this inexpensive it is simple and effective. The sachet commemorates the day and your guests have a project to complete when they get home. They will have the opportunity to watch the fruits of their labour grow. Pretty much like a marriage.

This is right up my street in an age of zero waste and sustainability. 

A fragrant and delicate tea is a refreshing idea. The little tea infuser attached to a test tube is a novel and pretty one with the addition of a card and ribbon. Very civilised and vintage.  Reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland. 

 For something extra special what about a gift from Fortnum and Mason?

Say hello to milk, white and dark chocolate’s newest sibling – Fortnum’s Ruby Chocolate.

Made from specially selected cocoa beans, the Ruby Chocolate not only has a unique lipstick pink colour but also delivers the remarkable flavours of berry and fruit flavours while keeping the chocolatey smooth and creamy texture we’ve grown to love.

Recognised as one of the biggest innovations in chocolate history in 80 years and created after 13 years of research, it would be rude not to try a piece or two…

There’s always room for these delicious delectable confections, with their crunchable almond centre and irresistibly shiny outer shell. Made from the finest ingredients, these shareable treats are as welcome a gift as they are an after dinner delight.

I am a huge fan of Cartwright and Butler who produce gorgeous foods and confectionery.  This box of fudge would make a lovely favor and this company offer a personalised printing service for cards,  boxes etc.

They have chosen lovely pastel shades which would compliment most wedding schemes spring or summer.


The flip jars come in glass with ceramic lids or enamel painted tins. A great and practical keep sake.

Novelty iced biscuits are another popular favor idea. They can easily be presented in a personalised paper bag or box. Designs and flavours can vary.

This is a fairly economical and visually effective gift.


This terrarium with a succulent is a sweet gift. Terrariums come in all shapes and sizes. I personally am in favour of gifts which last.

Wedding lanterns bring a soft, romantic flare on your special wedding day. Hanging bud vase favors really add to the elegance of the various table decorations. Hanging lanterns are truly trendy and contribute a nice ambiance of glamor to your wedding reception décor that will be remembered for a long time both by you and your guests.

While not everyone can afford to hire a full bell choir for her special day, these glass bell jars are a perfectly adorable way to ring in wedding bliss for all your guests. Use them as display jars for sweets or flowers; the clear, quality glass will be the perfect way to display any items you choose, and the globe-like effect of the bell jars adds a touch of elegance to any dining room display.

Beautiful bath cupcakes. wedding favors

These cupcakes are deceiving,  you don't eat them, you bathe in them. 

We have an assortment of these in our shop and they are really impressive.  They come with pretty boxes tied with ribbon both singular and larger.  

With the bath cupcake fruit punch from BadeFee you can completely reinvent your bathing experience! The pretty bath additive is a refreshing feast for the eyes in your bathroom, because it convinces optically as well as with its ingredients. Your skin is deeply cared for by the composition of coconut and almond oil, cocoa and shea butter. It remains supple and tender for a long time.

Wedding favors,  great gift ideas

While you enjoy the gentle oil bath, immerse yourself in the fruity, vitalizing scent of tropical pomegranate and refreshing rhubarb. Simply refrain from applying cream after bathing, because the cupcake gives you a wonderfully soft and well-groomed skin feeling. Thanks to its loving details, the Badecupcake fruit punch is always nice to look at and therefore also ideal as a gift!

Wedding favors , gorgeous box and cupcake

These cupcakes are a great memento for the day and when your guest is inclined to they can enjoy a lovely soak in the bath .


If you want to impress your guests, give them a vintage suitcase favor box filled with treats inspired by your wedding theme. Each box design is reminiscent of a vintage suitcase. These vintage-inspired suitcase boxes feature a subtle silver strap detail and gold decorated corners that give them an authentic look. These charming suitcase boxes are a memorable favor your guests will cherish.

With that thought in mind I will say farewell and hope I have given you some inspiration.  

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