New Products from Powder Uk

Powder provide some gorgeous winter accessories and they make ideal xmas gifts 

Here are some of our current favourites. 

 Powder are very good at designing unusual and cosy socks. These are just adorable hedgehog socks . Even the hedgehogs are wearing cosy little scarves.

This multiways band has a number of uses and come in great design variations. 

Again this is a brilliant gift and not just for the colder months.

I adore this beautiful head band which is quirky and stylish. A brilliant accessory if you are wearing corduroy or velvet. Dressy for the evening too. 

This hat has a very country feel and is tres chic. Brilliant for autumn and winter with a long coat and gloves. All of the Powder accessories come with beautiful packaging.

Last but not least these lovely vibrant gloves. Tangerine and blue mixed together. Looking at those cuffs makes you feel warm.

Take a look in our lovely shop and see what unusual things you can find? 

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