My favourite Tropic Skin Care Products

As a company our main ethos is supporting British creativity and Brands.

On our journey in creating and building this company we have encountered many artisans, British companies both large and small.

Tropic skincare, vegan, clean beauty, ethical skincare

We were attending a local commerce meeting and this was when I encountered the brand around 2 years ago.

The packaging, the endorsement by Lord Sugar and the fact it was British caught my eye.

Tropic smooth facial scrub

My first experience of the products was the body scrub and the smell was just divine.  A full blown citrus smell which made your mouth water.

Beautifully presented in a clip jar with a cute wooden scoop. It leaves your skin super soft.

Tropic skincare

I compare your skin to gardening.  You are not going to get beautiful blooms with crap soil.

Would your pour a whole load of chemicals and nasties into your soil and spray it with nasties . Then eat fruit and vegetables from that soil.

A resounding no !!! I hear you cry.

Yet we do this to our skin everyday. 

You need to feed the soil with lots of goodies, nutrition , your own compost. 

This year in my own garden I have seen the fruits of this principle and I have never seen my grass so green or eaten raspberries which taste so good.

Your skin is no exception,  we absorb nutrients. medication and chemicals through our skin.

My first favourite item is the makeup compact. You can combine your own compartments of eyeliner, eyebrow gel, eyeshadow. lipstick, blusher , highlighter,  concealer,  powder in one easy case.

Great for going out, travel , office etc. No bulky make up bags here. The case costs £16 but if you fill one with items on your first order it is free.

One thing I will say about the case is it is quality, weighty, securely closes and looks good.

The lipstick refills are more affordable than other items and buying the lipstick.  

I really like the eyeliner and gel for the brows. They dont budge. the pigment is good and they feel quality.  I have used all the prestigious makes associated with large perfume houses and these items definitely compete.

My only disappointment is the 3 way brush to apply eyebrows,  eyeliner and eyeshadow.  Very expensive for what it is and the brush for the eyeliner is way too soft in my opinion. 

The next item is lip fudge. This beautiful tinted balm that gives your face an overall natural look. Sometimes you don't want to look heavily made up. This balm is a lovely compromise. 

Again the packaging is good. A weighty glass jar which to me is better than plastic. 

You only need the smallest amount and it acts as a good base for your gloss or lipstick. 

The highlighter is another favourites of mine which gives a beautiful,  natural glow.

A segment of my compact is taken by the highlighter in cream form. I only have to lightly run my finger over the pallet and apply to key areas on my face. It lasts ages!

My absolutely cant do without is the cleanser.  It takes away every trace of makeup andeaves my skin soft and fresh. As you melt the lotion on the skin it turns into a balm. 

I often cup my hands over my nose to inhale the lovely fragrance.  It is very similar to another highly popular cleanser which also has a eucalyptus tone

Finally the masacara is a great buy.

It extends my lashes beautifully and rarely budges.

Again I have used the big brands and it is a definite contender in my top three best brands.

My lashes feel soft and glossy . It's never cloggy.

You really can't go wrong in trying Tropic. The quality is brilliant and you can be assured that no nasties are being applied to your skin. 

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