Make up trends for 2020

Keeping up with current trends can be time consuming and confusing. 

Here are some of the trends I have discovered during my research.

Colourful , lower liner. 

This is a beautiful effect which really makes the eye pop open. Delicate and refined with a nice winged effect. Nude colours a warm contrast to the liner. I think this look is great for night and day. Not too much, balanced and professional.

Bright eyeliner trend

See how this works on different skin tones . Just lovely. 

Animal print eyeshadow 

Animal print eyeshadow

This look is not for the shrinking violet . If you want the theatrical look this is it. Bold, daring, confident, youthful,  funky. If this is you? Go for it.

There are lots of tutorials on line to achieve this look. A technique I would say is for the confident and skilled make up artist.

For clubbing, nights out, concerts and festivals.  I know we are in covid right now but you could challenge your friends to create this look in facebook room.

Animal print shadow

The glossy eyeshadow .

Glossy look

To me this is a sultry look. I particularly like the luminescent look with sparkle and shine. I could imagine this could go very wrong if not applied correctly and without care.

It might look like one sticky mess, or you are melting in the heat.

Harpers bizzare gives some tips on products and ways to apply.

Sparkle and gloss combined with a nude matt lipstick would be a nice contrast focusing your attention to the eyes.

Bright masacara .

For me , this feels like a flashback to the 1980's and Princess Diana. But hey all trends are modified and adapted to current times. Formulas improve with science.

Coloured mascara

This is a very subtle approach to using coloured mascara but very effective.

Pretty bold mascara look

This is a very pretty and bold look. Not too overstated but has edge and attitude. 

Clever use of coloured mascara

This is a brilliant and clever use of coloured mascara. Stunning and stylish.  I think you could wear this look day or night. Again beautifully contrasted and enhanced by the nudes.

The neon make up .

This is for the bold personality with a love of the theatrical.  Not a wall flower but a go getter.

Neon make up

These looks are really impactful and wow! Great for the young full of life and vibrancy. A brilliant night , sultry look . It reminds me of the punk and new romantic era and the iconic David Bowie.

Neon lips

Make up is the opportunity to express your personality and creativity.  You can hide and reinvent yourself behind it.

The pink lipstick make up .

Pink make up

This is a beautiful,  fresh look . You can either have pink eyes or a bold matt pink lipstick.

Bold and subdued pink make up trend

These looks are a stark contrast to each other but no less impressionable depending on your mood or situation. 


The floating eyeliner trend.

As with all of these looks there is a bold and subtle slant on a theme.

Take a look at these two images.

Floating eyeliner

Bold floating eyeliner look

I laughted to myself with this look. This usually happens to me when I put eyeliner on , i move on, discover it was too wet when I started blinking and a get this look. Lol.

This fashion reminds me of the Hollywood cleopatra. 

There are so many make up looks now that we are spoilt for choice.

Change your make up habits and explore these new looks.

In my next blog I will talk about the other make up trends.

See you soon.



The watercolour make up .

The structured brow.

Pastel eyeliner

Bedazzled eye make up.

Subtle lip stain 

Mismatched eyeshadow 

Red smokey eye.

Pink blush 

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