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5 great gift ideas for your boyfriend to show him you care

gift ideas for your boyfriend or husband


Finding original gifts for your boyfriend can be such a chore.  We hear this all the time from our customers and friends, and unless you want to get him tools, electronics , alcohol or chocolate you really have to spend time hunting around.  We know this from a suppliers point of view as there is so much choice for women's gifts but when we try to find original gifts for men to add to the shop, we really struggle.

We are a British shop that know we offer quality and original gifts as we only stock gifts from British makers, brands and artisans.  We have trawled  through countless offerings to bring you the most unique gifts for your boyfriends and husbands. 

So without further ado, lets get down to the gift giving ideas. 


Beautiful Print ideas for him created by a British Artist


gifts for boyfriend


We have noticed a massive surge in the demand for unique pieces of artwork and prints that are destined to be wonderful gifts for boyfriends and husbands.  An added bonus of these prints are they are not just of British wildlife, but they are buy a British artist too.  This adds an air of style and quality to these prints and helps them stand out from the huge array of mass prints that are imported to the UK. 

gifts for husband


We love the style of these prints, with subtle colours and minimalist lines they sit wonderfully in any office, bedroom or sitting room. With all the best loved wildlife covered, we are sure that you'll find the perfect print for your boyfriend. 


Hand turned wood pen gifts for men


We all write, i admit that the art of calligraphy and sending hand written cards or letter is almost lost in this digital era, but we all do still use our hand writing skills now and again.   So that's why we think these wooden pen gift sets for men are a great little gift. 

pen gift sets for men

The quality of the pens really does shine through.  When you look at the grain of the wood in each ethically sourced and hand turned wooden pen you know that each is different to the next and that just adds a little more uniqueness to each pen.  Coming in 8 different types of wood also helps in ensuring that you find the perfect gift for you man. 

gift for boyfriend ideas wooden pen

These little pieces of art are hand turned by an exceptionally talented artist in the South of England and would make the perfect gift for your husband, boyfriend, friend, yourself or how about a birthday or leaving present for a work colleague. 

Dog mugs for your man

mugs sets gifts in blue with dog

So how about combining to of lives great loves, men and dogs!  If the old adage is correct, them mans best friend is his dog.  And what better way to remind him of this as well as showing him how much you love him that this super stylish Labrador mug. 

farmyard egg cup gift sets for men


I don't know many people who do not start the day with a good cup of tea or coffee ( i must admit to being a tea lover ), so every morning at home or at work this lovely soft blue mug will be a solid reminder of how much you care.  Coming from a line of other products that include other dogs as well as egg cups and jugs, this could be the start of a whole new kitchen look for the home.  The Bailey and Friends motif has a strong following too and to top it all off, these delightful mugs and other products are designed and made in the UK so it ensures quality as well as helping support your local independent stores.  As I've said, think of it as a way to get a new kitchen look very subtly with the different dogs available and other kitchen accessories.  Why not have a look here at some other options....


 Home furnishing gift ideas for men

So many people sit down of an evening without realising that they have a routine.  We usually sit in the same chair, use the same mug for drinks and so on.  So why not give your man a little personalisation to his chair or side of the sofa with these truly wonderful cushion from a talented British artist. This may well be another way to help spruce up your home of his bachelor pad without him knowing....


home furnishings for men badger cushion

The quality of these cushion is just amazing.  Hidden zips, super soft vegan faux suede, digitally printed for a vibrant image, a great size so as to be comfy but not overwhelm your sitting room and they also come with a fibre cushion insert so they are a perfect gift idea for men right out of the box. 


A6 British wildlife notepad

As i have said in the above section about the pens, we need to spend more time writing and less time typing.  Here to help is this super cute A6 notepad that has another champion of our British wildlife, the badger (can you see a theme here..). 

mens gift ideas notepad with badger


Whether it be a laptop bag, briefcase, rucksack or more this is sure to be perfect to jot down those 'to-do' list and more. With quality paper and cover, and as well as adorned with British wildlife, this offering once again come from a British artist and manufacturer too.  This is part of a range as well, so if you want a bigger pad or even one for yourself of the kids school work them have a look, or let us know and we'll see what we can do to help.


So that's about it for our 'gifts for boyfriend ideas' post.  We have tried tom stay away from the traditional electronics, chocolate, spirits, socks etc and add a bit of diversity form some of the amazing offering we are so proud to be able to offer from our British makers.   If there is anything you want but can't find, or you wish to reach out and talk about anything please don't hesitate to contact me, i am always happy to chat and help.  

So until next time all, have a great Valentines day and keep your eyes out on our pages for great gift for husband and boyfriend ideas for Birthday- Valentines,-Christmas- anniversary- Christmas-Fathers day and more.



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