My beautiful flower subscription experience

I was sceptical about a flower subscription as I held the misguided belief flowers do not travel well. After years of receiving deshrevilled roses and wilting chrysanthemums in the post I was somewhat reluctant. 

Like anything you consider that things might have might have moved forward and it's time to give this service category another chance.

So I selected Arena Flowers, a British company who provide ethical flowers.

I was so pleasantly surprised. 

This substantial beautifully printed box arrived fastened with an integrated ribbon. It spoke quality,  care and attention to detail.  The excitement started to surge !

The box was weighty and when I lifted the box lid the flowers were wrapped in tissue and sealed.

I wasn't disappointed.  The box was brimming with gladioli and eucalyptus foilage.

They were fresh as if just cut! Not a wilt or kink in sight. 

I truly felt special!

The box included a high quality pamphlet featuring the flowers you had just received with advisory notes on how to arrange  them.

I started to fill my vase then another and another.  Three vases of flowers! That isn't an over exaggeration.  

I felt fully satisfied as a customer.  I received a high quality service with great value for money.

I couldn't be happier and I told Arena flowers about my experience. 

Good service should be praised when you have good consumer confidence.  I am so confident I have subscribed to their service. I have no affiliation to this company.  This is an honest and transparent personal experience. 

I have spoken in my previous blog about bridal showers and ideas for bridal gifts.

This would be a lovely gifting idea for either the bride. mother of bride, mother in law or bridesmaid. 

Would also be lovely for someone bereaved.  It's a reminder to the recipient that they have not been forgotten and you are still thinking of them. 

So please give Arena flowers a trial.  You won't be disappointed.  

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