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My favourite British designs in Jewellery

by cordelia van beek
Jewellery can really complete an outfit

Jewellery is almost a necessity when it comes to dressing . For some cultures jewellery can represent status and have significant meaning. The Crown Jewels in London represent the Royal Families wealth and power over their dominion, even if they are owned by the British people.

I don't for one moment suggest you run out for a sceptre but jewellery can be a way of expressing ourselve and our design choices which might convey a little about who we are.

There is a trend towards the botanical and animal in jewellery

There are some beautiful pieces of jewellery around right now which are delicate and pretty. Take this ring and bracelet. Very beautiful but unassuming. They don't command your visual attention but subtly highlight their presence. If bold and vulgar aren't to your taste then this gentle trend might be an acceptable alternative.

Alec munroe is a popular designer right now.

Alex Monroe jewellery is synonymous with a very British sense of style. It is feminine, delicate and quirky, but above all consistently wearable.

Now a much loved brand world-wide, each and every piece is individually designed and handmade in England by Alex and his team of expert jewellers. Inspired by nature and nostalgia, every piece has a tale to tell…and the story continues with you.

Clogau gold

Clogau gold is welsh gold mined in the Welsh Hills. There is something magical about clogau gold apart from it's rarity it takes me to a bygone age where the Druids defended our welsh coast from the Romans. A powerful gorilla force which managed to stay the Roman empire for a short time.

Clogau have also followed the natural trend.

The bee has become very popular since the Manchester bombing. An essential little insect which ensures our planet remains beautiful and green . Clogau is also best known for the production of celtic knots which are exceptionally beautiful.

Carrie Elspeth is one of our jewellery designers

We are very pleased to be stockists of Carrie Elspeth jewellery.

She has a marvellous range of silver and semi precious stones incorporated in her designs. Some of which are claimed to have health and wellbeing effects from these natural stones. Sceptical or not take these pieces at face value knowing that they were created and handmade on our own soil. Which for us at Cordelia's House of Treasures is part of our company ethos.

I love these leather bracelets with silver charms

These bracelets are funky and so wearable. The clasp at the back is magnetic which makes taking on and off a breeze. No struggling after a gin night out. The choker is also very lovely and youthful. I can see these pieces going very well with a midi dress, white shirt or denim. Just great for this time of year. They are casual and affordable pieces. Ideal for the young teenager as starter pieces for her jewellery collection.

Scream pretty is another British company

I love opals and these earrings accentuate their beauty. Designed and curated by sisters Lucy Lee and Jessica Pearce, Scream Pretty is the sister brand of the successful Lily Charmed jewellery brand, which is known for its high quality design, personalisation and customer service. 

Life charms offer very affordable jewellery plated with silver

We are a fan of Life Charms in our shop because they are on trend and affordable. The items are versatile. They can be stacked, used in a casual, office or evening setting. Great small gifts for friends and family.

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