Extremely talented British Wildlife Animal Prints and Landscape Artist - Coming Soon

Find those perfect baby animal prints for the nursery or home and unique British woodland animal prints


british wildlife hedgehogs print by shropshire artist gifts


There has always been a strong need from our amazing customers and and the general public for unique pieces of art work small and large.  This may be for the home, the office, wedding memorabilia, as a gift or more and two of the go to styles have always been and will always be British wildlife and British landscapes or buildings.

We have met many good artists since our conception and a couple of these you will find in our product pages of house warming gifts, but we are now excited to say that we will soon be adding another amazingly talented one from our own home county, our own Shropshire artist.


Custom pieces of artwork


personalised name print



Having had a long and successful career as a teacher, this multi skilled artist self taught himself and has turned those skills into a thriving new business.  I can not stress the breadth of capability he has, being able to put his hand to almost any new style and this is confirmed by the requests of custom pieces of artwork that they receive.


Custom invitations and birthday cards

unique artwork and invitations



At the moment we are going to concentrate on the wonderful wildlife prints that come a range of sizes and include some of our best known British wildlife such as hedgehogs prints, birthday cards with hares, invitations with birds, fishing competition score cards and so much more.  Add to that the ability to capture the essence of a building or location that makes an amazing wedding gift or as to add some style to the front of your custom wedding invitations, as a memorable portrait of your home, work, local pub, church, hotels, B&B's, etc these make wonderful leaving presents for work colleagues. 


Personalised name prints


personalised name print mothers day gift



Another facet that we can bring you is personalised name prints.  With a timeless scrolling background and any name you wish intertwined, these are sure to be a big hit.  Imagine how many times you have wanted to get a personalised gift for a niece or nephew and you cannot find their name, or you can find a personalised print for a nephew but not your niece so you don't get any.  This is easily fixed as we can have any name you wish made so quickly.  Being able to have not just names but perhaps, congratulations, happy birthday or anniversary, in fact the limit is only your imagination.


Gift ideas newsletter 

animal prints

So keep your eyes out, sign up to our gift ideas newsletter to be informed as soon as we release these as well as receiving special offers and news or keep reading our gift magazine as we do a more in depth article and interview with said artist or at our gift blog


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