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New Powder stockists Shropshire and Powder stockists Shrewsbury

powder logo stockist shropshire shrewsbury

New Powder stockists Shropshire and Powder stockists Shrewsbury


At Cordelia's House Of Treasures we are so excited to announce that we are the newest Powder stockist in Shropshire and Powder stockist in shrewsbury for this amazing British fashion and gift brand.


This amazing women's and children's fashion brand is based in Edinburgh Scotland.

The quality of all the products they make is easy to see in every item they make.  The small touches such as the gift bags and wrapping (which i will come back to shortly), the detailed designs, the faux fur, the super sweet lace edging etc ensures not only you love wearing their products, but that everybody who see's them notices all the touches put in.

powder pink gloves and gift box - cordelias house of treasures powder stockist shropshire

Bringing Powder to Shropshire and Shrewsbury events 


Being an online gift shop that we are, we do attend local markets, pop up shops, events, charity events in Shrewsbury, Shropshire and further afield so that all of our amazing customers can hold and feel the style and quality in the wonderful women's and children's gifts.

With Christmas coming up fast this is the perfect time to find those special and unique gifts for friends and family.  All of our Powder UK products come with either a lovely gift bag or box that means you need to do any extra wrapping or buy other gift wrap and gift bags.  The boxes and bags themselves are a piece of art.  The stylish patterns and colours really do turn this gift into a quality experience.  We could quite simply sell the presentation boxes and bags separately.

powder uk reindeer wooly hat - cordelias house of treasures powder stockist shropshire


Please do have a look around our women's and children's pages, or hit the search button for Powder and see for yourself the lovely range of products we carry.

Once again we are so happy to be the new Powder stockist Shropshire and powder stockist shrewsbury so if there is anything in particular that you are looking for please do let us know.

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