New pop up shop to support local start-ups arrives in Shrewsbury


Shrewsbury side alley shops in black and white


Amidst the uncertainty of the popularity of high street shopping and with Brexit looming, what are local businesses doing to ensure their success and longevity? Well, a proactive county in the UK have decided to fight back. The scheme was co-ordinated with the help of local business support services such as the Marches Growth Hub. With the vision of offering the local business community a chance to try their hand at retail in a prime location as well as generating awareness and support for what is undoubtedly the life blood of community businesses. 

With a very enthusiastic response from the community, the businesses themselves and the Darwin Shopping Centre in the heart of the retail sector, we are sure this will be taken on board by other councils. The representative for The Darwin Centre has gone to great lengths to make this a success. With a prime location at a peak shopping time of the year it’s now down to the local businesses to take advantage of this great opportunity. There will be a varied mix of artists and retailers joining forces in the shop including painters, jewellery makers, gift suppliers and even a doughnut manufacture. 

Having spoken to Cordelia Van Beek of Cordelia’s House Of Treasures, an online gift shop that support British and local designers and producers, she gave her views: “This has been a roller coaster of a 6 months for us, and the response we have received about our products has been literally overwhelming. Where we differ from the other businesses in the shop is that we source and sell gifts and products, and not personally make them. This diversity has ensured the ‘pop in shop’ really will cater for all as well as allow customers to interact with the artist themselves to understand the history and provenance of the gifts they are purchasing. With just ourselves in mind we offer gifts for women, children, babies, Christenings, weddings, men and so on, so there really will be something for everyone. We are really driven to shout the buy local moto. Our local industries drive growth, employment, diversification and generate revenue and interest in our community. We’re proud to be part of that holding the flag as it were”.

So with all things set and products laid out it’s just left for the doors to open on the 23rd of October at 9am. This looks as if it will be the begging of what looks like a very active local community to support their own businesses.

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