Introducing our Shop Mascot Sprocket

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Introducing our Shop Mascot Sprocket

The British are well known for their love of dogs. We certainly love our sprocket.

They give unconditional friendship , love and loyalty whatever your colour, gender or disability. We could learn alot from them hey?

Many work in our countryside, rescue services, armed forces , police and prison service. Some working dogs provide a service to the disabled, elderly and the young with social difficulties.

Our aim is to integrate the love of our four legged friends into our homes, whether it be a print, accessory or design .

They truly are remarkable creatures and some of our items raise money for the RSPCA.

Our family has a particular love of the working dog because of their intelligence, agility and willingness to please.

When I see a gun dog I think countryside and Britiain. Love of country sports and rural community. Man and dog working hand in hand.

So many times we see the spaniel and labrador on the news carrying out valuable and sometimes dangerous work.

We pay tribute to dogs both with us and past. I hope that some of our items may spark a smile, laugh or tear in remembrance of your special friend.

Please post your stories and pictures to our Face book. We would love to see them.

Tell us if there are any ranges of goods you especially like and would like to see in our shop. Share the love.