Free British Gifts With All Orders Over £25

Free British Gifts With All Orders Over £25 Worth At Least £5

powder accessorise for women UK including powder sunglasses, sarong, hat and powder bag UK

How do we say a little thank you to everyone who chooses to shop with us?  Well we thought long and hard, and also asked some of our customers and we have decided to add a little excitement, mystery and surprise into the mix, as well as helping other small independent British gifts designers. 


We did offer free shipping, but it become a little awkward as we really do try and offer the best prices for our customers, so it was suggested we give out a free gift worth at least £5.  Just look at our gift sale section, Suki teddy prices, our Powder Sunglasses and need i say more when i suggest our subscription boxes UK.  As i hope you already know, these boxes can contain about £25 worth of gifts from the best British makers, and all for as little as £10. 


Some of the amazing gifts we have given are Lua purses, Stationery sets, Pens, a selection of greetings cards of British wildlife by local artists, candles and more.   We always try to keep them varied, and make sure that it really is seen as a 'lovely surprise'. 


This offer and discount may not be around forever, so do take advantage of it while you can ( just a thought ).



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