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High praise from a major online player

Well, we can not say we did not enjoy reading these and yes, it took a lot of hard work and support from you, our amazing customers.  We have been sent 2 amazing well done's from our eCommerce platform stating that our store gets so much traffic, it's in the top 7% of the stores launched in the same week, and also that our latest blog post 'best subscription boxes UK' has received so much traffic it is in the top 10% of ALL RECENT shop posts.  Now to add a little perspective here, the same platform has over 800,000 stores and grew by 200,000 stores in 2017 alone.  Those are some pretty impressive numbers when you break them down, so here goes:  All data was taken from the platforms own site here:


best subscription boxes UK award


So our latest blog is in the top 10% of all blog posts put up on all stores.  So with 800,000 stores and ourselves being in the top 10% means we have beaten more than 720,000 stores.  Now lots of these stores are big international brands with big marketing budgets and teams too, so obviously we are so happy that our message of supporting and championing 'British gifts, British designed gifts, gift boxes, monthly subscription boxes all from amazingly talented British makers and brands small and large', is being seen and loved by so many.  


top shopify stores of 2019


And secondly, we have another great honour of being in the top 7% of all stores launched the same week as ourselves with regards traffic.  So again, lets do a little geeky maths shall we?  200,000 stores opened in 2017 (yes we did open in mid 2018 but i am sure the numbers will be the same or higher given the rate the online commerce industry is still growing), so divide that by 52 =   3,846.   Out of the other 3,845 stores that opened in the same week, we are in the top 7%.  A rather well deserved pat on the back for ourselves, and for you i think.



So were do we go now?  Well the response we have received for our new gift boxes and monthly subscription boxes alone, without taking into account our other products which are do brilliantly well have been overwhelming.  And we have had so many super talented bloggers, influencers, vloggers, news papers, magazines request interviews and reviews of us and our British gifts meaning that we are sure to be in front of so many people that have not heard of Cordelia's House Of Treasuers or our message.  That means we can get so many of our lovely British makers and artists into the homes and offices of lots of new customers which is our sole purpose.  


I wanted to keep this short and sweet.  So i will, and i will leave you with one more thought.  If we can help just 1 small independent British maker become a success, that independent can hire 3 members of staff, buy more British products to make their products, source packaging material from another local business, rent new space from a local estate agent, use a local accountant, spend their hard earned profits in British shops and returning the favour of their success to other local independent British shops and artisans, donate and work with charities just the same as we do and so on (you get the idea).   Just a thought !!!