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To gift box, or not to subscription box
That is a bit of a bold statement to make, but when you feel so passionately about something and I've put an immense amount of time effort into it can be seen as a reasonable description ( well in our eyes anyway). But do not just take my word for it, what I intend to do in the next few paragraphs i’ll show you why  it is not just myself that believes this but also some of the amazing British gifts brands that we work with, and now we have launched the products silver lucky early customers too.
I  suppose the obvious place to start if the products themselves.  What  actually makes these the best subscription boxes UK? Well for starters there's the fact that no gift inside any of our boxes whether that be the women's, men's, boys or girls, stationery, wedding or any of the top secret upcoming subscription boxes we have in the pipeline carry any sample or half size products.  Yes,  so that's full-size products and the size of products that you will find being sold separately on the High Street as well as actually on the product pages of ‘ cordelia's house of Treasures’ own online gift shop.  These are the very same products the we have tirelessly worked at sourcing from the most amazingly talented and creative British designers, makers, brands and artisans both small and large.  And  that is where our gift boxes and subscription boxes differ mostly.  Our  price we have set for what we believe are the ‘ best subscription boxes UK’ is on par and even often less than equivalent subscription boxes that actually only offer sample size products, seconds and products that have been given to that company free by other manufacturers to generate awareness for that brand.  The  equivalent boxes 2 hours in the monthly subscription industry are retailing between 20 and 25 pounds.  It’s  easy to see why as well.  It  takes a lot of time and effort to source the products,  package them and ship them as well as actually bringing them to market and marketing them to. This  is not only time in energy consuming but it was also costly.  But  we are of the opinion that we would rather sell 100 boxes making £2 each than 10  boxes making £10 each.  Add to that the huge appeal it is actually my second reason why I do feel these are the best.
contents of best monthly subscription boxes by Cordelias house of treasures and logo
Reason 2
We Happen to be in a rather uncertain time at the moment.  Brexit as quite literally opened up a can of worms and questions for the whole of the UK.  Will we leave, will we stay, will the government inject funding and opportunities into British manufacturing and retail or will it look to create stronger ties to other offshore markets to act as fulfilment businesses?   Now whichever way the government and I would also like to say the people the time will tell on that,  choose to go there is one thing that we should be doing no matter whether we do stay or leave.  We need to support and help increase our local and national Commerce,  manufacturing and retail within the UK.  This has a huge impact I'm so many areas including employment but it cannot be something that we ignore anymore.  Yes we acknowledge and agree that when people say ‘ British designed or British made’  they know and understand that that means a quality product and it holds a Premium price for that said quality.  But does it really have to hold a Premium price?  That’s where we wish to change the stereotype.  Buying British does not have to cost a premium, and if we Focus more on improving are UK manufacturing and retailing Industry the costs will only come down as well as generating new jobs, skilled rolls for employment, more tax for government to service the Education and NHS etc as well as generating a demand for hr amazingly creative and quality goods the can then be shipped to other markets such as the USA, Australia, Asian, Canadian and so on.
So now getting back to my reason number two is that with cordelia's house of Treasures working with British independent brands if we managed to get our gift and subscription boxes into homes these will be homes that most likely have not heard or bought from these small British brands before.  What an amazing opportunity.  Not just getting a single product in front of a  new customer, but getting a box of products into that customers home to be in pride of place every single month.  So let's do some simple mathematics: saying 5 products in each box every month.   times that by 12 months and we have 60 products every year.  Think about it! That’s  60 unknown small or large British independent brands that are employing local staff, renting local offices and workshops, paying local council tax and rates as well as shopping in those amenities as well as sourcing their goods from local British brands.  Looking  at it that way it's a no brainer !  Sadly the European Union do not feel the same.  They understand and are happy to support social Enterprise, B2B and manufacturing ,but when it comes to retail and B2C businesses there are minimal support services and quite literally no funding opportunities.  Now without the retail industry it doesn't matter how much manufacturing you do if you have no outlet to sell the goods.  But perhaps that means brexit is more of an opportunity then a horror story waiting to happen.  I would rather see it as an opportunity, prepare for whatever is to come and no matter what happens  boosting our local and independent Commerce will only benefit ourselves.  So yes,  we are proud do we have the ability get these amazing British makers into people's homes.
blue light and defence discount code offered by cordelias house of treasures
Gift boxes & subscription boxes that give back
Some might Say that the above reason of getting British brands known will be enough to call ourselves the’ best subscription boxes UK’ and that we are subscription boxes that give back.  But that's not all.   We try to work closely with small brands as well as charities locally to our headquarters in Shropshire as well as nationally.  We have our own personal reasons for supporting and raising charities such as Headway and Autistic charities, the defence Discount Service and blue light service to say a little thank you to our police, fire, ambulance and prison workers,  a Shropshire homeless charity as well as several others,  and offer a share of profits every year to these much needed charities.  
We Like most hopeful  businesses have a 1, 3 and 5 year plan and in this plan we do wish to move to bricks and mortar in which we would love to work with charities and local SEN higher education and colleges to offer students with SEN  and learning dis the options of paid work and training.  Now I'm not going to put much more love that down here as I would rather write about it when it is something we have actually achieved rather than wish to achieve, but we are confident in our plan, sew confident in that statement.
Helping the environment is also have responsibility of every person and business.  That is why we ensure all of our boxes and packaging and are either recycled and are recyclable without excessive use of plastics and non biodegradable materials.  Also not adding large amounts of marketing material and leaflets on printed paper inside any deliveries we send out.  We would rather send out an email.
content of best affordable gift subscription boxes uk
Affordable subscription boxes
We Have spent a lot of time and effort sourcing products as not just British design and quality,  but to make sure that anyone purchasing are gift boxes get as much monetary value as possible.  We work this out by adding the RRP or High Street cost for each product sold separately and then compare that to the price of our box.  From  what our members on our average boxes have been so far the savings are normally 2 to 2.5 times.  So for a £10 box,  that equates to goods in side equivalent to £20 to £25. Dont forget the DS aren't sample products these are full sized High Street gifts of exceptional British quality, from exceptionally talented British artisans and even British gifts made in England.
Really, the ‘best subscription boxes UK’
Well I will leave that final judgement to yourself.  I I have given you a few reasons why we feel we are above but in all honesty this isn't an exhaustive list,  and everybody will have their own personal reasons to feel why it is or is not. All I can say is I am proud of what we do and what we offer,  and when I speak to some of the amazing small and independent brands that we work with I know just how much it means for them to have somebody helping and supporting.  These small independent businesses spend all their time money and effort in sourcing, designing and making these wonderfully creative and unique British gifts but they don't have the time to learn new marketing tactics or bring them to market themselves.  That’s where we feel we come in.  And the response we have received from local Business Support Services such as the growth hub and local Chambers of Commerce etc also feel this way to the point we are in regular exciting talks on new ways we can help support the independence not only that they work with but nationwide.
So,  after all of that I think it's only fitting to leave you with this link that takes you directly to the shopping pages of cordelia's house of Treasures and more specifically the ‘ Best subscription boxes UK ‘

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