Our Top 5 Best Selling British Gifts Going Into 2019

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Our Top 5 Best Selling British Gifts Going Into 2019

Our Top 5 Best Selling British Gifts Going Into 2019



With 2018 almost at an end, and yet with so many customers still to finish their Christmas shopping, I have decided to have a quick recap of our bestselling gifts from British brands and designers this year.  I would have loved to have covered our top 25 gifts, but with this time of year being so busy for us I thought I best concentrate on the top 5.  So, without further ado, in no particular order I must add bring on the gifty goodness.


Wildberry Dancing Mice


wildberry mouse - ballerina mouse - cordelias house of treasures


This wonderful range of fabric Wildberry mice are handmade by an amazing British company in the UK.  With lots of mice depicting different activities that will suit any little child.  Our 2 most popular choices have been the ballerina and the princess, so much so we ran out of stock and struggled to find any more.  After a few days of solid and frantic searching with suppliers we have managed to make sure we have enough to ensure there will be a super cute mouse under lots of trees this Christmas.  Being almost half a meter in height, these are so cute and look amazing in any little girl’s room.  We have noticed that once a customer buys one, they are soon back to buy other in the range, just going to show how keen the children and their parents are to collect their own family of mice.


Best kept secrets candles


best kept secrets candles - house warming gifts - cordelia's house of treasures


Hand made in Northumberland by the amazing British brand, Best Kept Secrets.  The novel glass shards on the top of the candles add a little something different and the custom labels mean there is a personalized and unique gift for everyone.  Whether you’re a prosecco princess, gin queen, grandmother, sister and so the personalised labels show that you have put a little thought into the gift. The candle sets come in a lovely box and sleeve that as well as looking great, make them easy to wrap.  Whenever we are at a show or in a pop up shop the non-overwhelming smell is the first thing that draws people in and promote comments, secondly is the visual look of these candles and it’s easy to see why they are so popular.  We have noticed that these candles are quite popular gifts for men, especially during the Christmas period.  I think this is down to the lovely scents that they come in, such as Sticky apple tart, Raspberry supreme, Parma violet, Caspian silk, Hot cinnamon, Café Vienna and so many more. 


Educational Wooden 3D Puzzles Toys


educational wooden 3d puzzles toys remote control tractor - cordelia's house of treasures


Education and fun do not seem to go hand in hand when you speak to young children.  However, the success these 3d puzzles had goes to show that this doesn’t have to be the case.  There are so many positive benefits to puzzles, such as cognitive, hand eye co-ordination, creativity and more.  We have covered the benefits in some of the product descriptions.  These are great gifts for kids small and large.  Lots of men enjoy receiving these and have them pride of place on the office desks.  With a wide range of interactive features such as remote control, sounds, voice activated, moving parts and more it’s easy to see why they are a winner.  Add into the mis these are around £15 and it’s a win win.  There is no need for any tools or special skills as everything you need to build these 3D puzzles comes in the box. The plain wood look suits these wonderful toys well, but they can be easily painted to expand your creative side a little bit more.  Our top two sellers have to be the remote control tank and remote control tractor.  So spend a little quality time this year with your kids, help them achieve a sense of achievement and when done, they have an amazing interactive toy to play with.


Mr fox cushion


blue mr fox cushion in plush velvet house warming gifts - cordelia's house of treasures


Add some style, and stand out from the crowd with this amazing fox cushion.  Being handmade in the UK makes this an easy choice for us to love, and it seems for our amazing customers too.  That is not the only reason to feel good about yourself when buying this cushion, as it is digitaly printed onto super soft vegan faux suede.  The printing process means the design is clean and sharp and does not interfere with the extra soft feeling of the fabric.  Another reason these may be so popular if the fact that they are machine washable.  At almost half a meter square, they are just the right size to fit on any sofa, bed or window seat without taking up all the room and still big enough to make a great stylish statement.   One of our most recent buyers of the fox cushion left a lovely review for us and stressed hoe she had not seen anything like it before.  We glad you liked it.


Lua star bag


lua large star womens bags - cordelias house of treasures



One term comes to mind when I talk about these super funky bags:  consistently popular.  I can see why.  This British brand has its own loyal following, so we are proud to be able to offer them.  Lua have a wide range of womens fashion and accessories but these star bags topped the sales chart for us in 2018.  With 2 style available, one having a copper star and the other having a silver star it is so easy to see why they are loved, heck I even use one myself every day.  The navy corduroy material is funky and hard wearing, and the lovely contrasting white and blue stripped interior is just another nod to the quality and stylish design behind this great British brand and bag.  Being the perfect size to fit everything you need on your daily travels yet not so large as to be awkward, you can see these guys know their stuff and put that into every product.  To make accessorizing easy they offer the same bag in different colours, also with lots of white stars as well as matching glasses case, mini bag, scarves, cosmetic bag etc.




Well that’s it for the top 2018 sellers so far, but with the way things are going and with new seasons coming out I am sure we will see a mix in the top chart in spring.