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This is the story of Busy B and why we like the brand.

It all began back in 1997 when I was travelling around Australia in an old VW camper van with my future husband Kieran. Trained as a product designer at Glasgow School of Art, I loved problem solving, and I had a 'lightbulb moment'. Using whatever was to hand, namely some cereal packets and a pair of nail scissors, I made early prototypes of what would become a nifty little Christmas card holder. The following year I landed an order for 10,000 of them from the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Now K Two was really in Business!

Other smart ideas followed and some products even won gift industry awards for their clever, useful designs. New products ideas often emerged as the result of a problem someone mentioned. My art school friend Jeni commented once 'You know what I need? A calendar that hangs up with somewhere to put all the bits of paper I need to remember about' Hey presto – our family calendar was born!

In the beginning, K TWO was just me and my lovely ‘right hand woman’ Rosy (who still works with me!) doing everything from the spare room of my Edinburgh flat. Nowadays we have a much bigger team full of inspired individuals who work incredibly hard to make it all happen.

Our award-winning products now line the shelves of loads of brilliant shops and some of the UK’s high profile retailers including John Lewis, Lakeland and Hobbycraft.

At the heart of every product we develop is our desire to make family life simpler, better organised and more beautiful. Being a super busy mum-of-three, I’m always looking to tame the mayhem of busy family life.

In early 2014 we transformed K TWO into our new brand, Busy B, redesigning our old favourites, adding brilliant new products, and creating our gorgeous Baby B and Bride to B collections.

Which bring us to the present day. We’re so excited about the future. We’d love to hear any thoughts you might have on our current range, or brilliant suggestions for the future..

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